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Script downloads:
Demos: here, Demo template 1, Demo template 2, Demo template 3
Released: Feb 8th, 2006
Price: $20
Size: 5.78kb
Description: This is probably the easiest image cropper and gallery maker you'll find. Crop images and have the script create your gallery page based on your template all in less than a minute. Very useful if for babe blog type sites, celebrity sites, or any other type of site which requires creating many image galleries. Each gallery is created based on your custom template. Installing only takes a minute or two.

Some features include:
  • Password protected Admin panel
  • Easily crop gallery images, simply select the image you wish to crop and then you can drag the cursor over the area you'd like to crop, see the demo for more
  • The only setting that needs to be stored when installing is the path to the script, transferring this script from one host to another couldn't be any easier
  • Galleries can look any way you'd like them to by editing the template file
  • Each gallery can contain it's own url's and banners pointing to your sponsors
  • View your cropped image(s) right after cropping them and re-crop them if you'd like
  • Clicking a single button will delete all the images you don't want to use and are not cropped
  • Place your own custom description for each gallery on every page
  • Simply upload all your banners into the banners folder to use them on gallery pages
  • Delete any single images you do not want by the click of a button
  • Comes with a readme file further explaining the features and how to use them
  • Remove any of the variables from the template file (banner, gallery name, etc) if you'd rather not use it
  • Set what width and height you'd like the cropped images to be
  • Set how many thumbs you want to put across each row in the galleries