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Welcome to the 13Scripts affiliate program!
  • We are currently paying out 25% commission on each script sold. It's very easy to promote, you just link to us using your affiliate code and when someone purchases a script you will get a percentage of that sale. What if someone isn't interested in purchasing the script right away? No worries. When someone visits our site via your link, your affiliate code is stored in a cookie on their computer for 60 days. So if someone visits the site today and doesn't buy a script until 2 weeks from now, you will still make money on the sale!

  • Some sites will skim their affiliates sales, we do not. We greatly appreciate the helping hand and we will always show our appreciation by counting every sale!

  • After signing up you will be able to login and view live statistics telling you how many clicks and sales you've generated, you're sales ratio, and more.

  • As an extra bonus for sending us traffic, if you own a website you can sign up for a link exchange with us by clicking here and receive the same amount of traffic back that you have sent us!

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