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Babelogger V3
Released: September 30th, 2006
Price: $50
Size: 35kb
Description: This script is geared towards babe blog type sites but can be used for any kind of link and/or image listing site imaginable. Whether it be a link dump site, tgp site, celebrity galleries, media site, etc, this script will do it, see the demos on the script below this one for more examples, you are not limited to these demos, they are just examples of what you can do with the script, and you can create your own setup. The script works on a template system and is 100% customizable. Only basic HTML knowledge is needed to change the look of the entire script, each demo was created in about 10 minutes. Takes about 30 seconds to fully install.

Some features include:
  • Automatically generated RSS feed, a must in the blogging scene, set how many links are included in the RSS feed
  • All of the sites style and colors are stored in a babeloggerv3.css file for easy editing, and the entire layout can be edited using HTML
  • Integrated user system
  • Commenting system, registered and/or non-registered users can comment on submitted links
  • Preferred submitting, a users account can be set to 'preferred submitter' and the links they submit will be automatically approved
  • After registering, an email is sent to the user and their account is not activated until they visit the link inside
  • Links can be submitted by registered and/or non-registered users
  • Skimming, you can skim a set percentage of clicks on the links and send them to a specific url
  • Links can be set to be automatically approved when submitted
  • You can have a small frame displayed above outgoing links so people can vote on the link while viewing it, or this can be turned off and the link will not open with the frame
  • If a user forgets their password, they can fill out a simple form and have a reminder sent to their email
  • Users have the option of storing their login information in a cookie for easier submitting
  • You can display links to certain categories, when clicking on these only links from that category will be displayed
  • Password protected admin panel
  • All links, users, comments, settings, templates, and galleries can be easily managed from the admin panel
  • Track the number of times a link has been clicked
  • Allow submitters to upload an image with their submitted link
  • Set a maximum width, height, and filesize for uploaded images
  • Links can be viewed as a whole, by category, or as a single link
  • Submitted links are approved by the Admin before going live on the page
  • Link categories can be easily modified from the admin panel
  • Visitors can rate links
  • Includes a simple layout to get started, but is 100% customizable
  • Easily edit all of the scripts error messages from one file
  • Display your own ads anywhere between the links, or don't
  • Set how many links are shown on each page
  • Registered users are labeled by either a visitor or a webmaster
  • Non-registered users can not post using registered users names
  • In the admin panel you can send email updates to all registered visitors, webmasters, both, or a single person.
  • You can view all submissions by each registered user
  • All templates are now stored in the admin panel for easy editing
  • All settings are also now stored in the admin panel for easy editing
  • Set the image quality you'd like to use for submitted images
  • The admin panel will let you know of uncropped submissions
  • Turn image cropping on or off
  • If the user submitted image matches the width/height settings in the admin it will skip the cropping form
  • Set how many thumbs appear in each row in galleries
  • Set the image quality of thumbs created while making galleries
  • Place all your sponsor banners in a folder for easy insertion into galleries
  • All unused gallery images can be easily deleted by the click of a button
  • Change the date format across the entire system and even old submissions will display the new format
  • Create 3 different gallery templates to use when making galleries
  • All gallery thumbs and pages can be quickly and easily made and edited from the admin panel
  • Set how many submissions appear on each page in the admin panel
  • When making galleries you can manually crop each thumb or have the script instantly create thumbs for the entire set of images
  • Submitters can upload an image or type in a URL to one
  • Submitters can crop their uploaded image to meet your specifications
  • Schedule submissions to show up at a later date
  • If you don't like the image a user submitted you can upload a new one to replace it
    And many more features

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