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Script downloads:
Demo: The top left table of this site.
Released: May 8th, 2004
Price: $10
Size: 7.42kb
Description: Ever affiliate with someone and soon find out that they've taken your websites link off from their website long after you've sent them a ton of visitors? This is the only link trading system you will ever need. It is designed to send the same amount of visitors to your affiliates as they send you. If they send you 10 visitors, their link is shown on your website until you send them 10 visitors back. Once you send them the 10 visitors back their link is taken down until they send you another visitor.

Some features include:
  • People sending you the most visitors are shown at the top of the list to keep high traffic trades going smoothly and send visitors back to them as fast as possible.
  • All settings edited from one simple file.
  • Visitor fraud protection to prevent someone from sending you fake visits to your site.
  • Easily edit any account from the admin panel. Admin panel screenshot
  • All accounts in the admin panel are color coded to make browsing them easier.
  • Add bonus hits to any account to send them more visitors, or penalize an account by subtracting visitors to their site.
  • The entire script is the size of a small image so it won't bog down your sites resources.
  • Very easy to install, install file includes thorough instructions on how to edit the script to your liking.
  • Easily edit the signup page and submission complete page to match your website.
  • Members can send visitors directly to your domain or to a special linking code for their account.
  • After signing up members are sent a confirmation email.