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Demo: here. Admin demo here
Released: April 4th, 2005
Price: $30
Size: 22.4kb
Description: This script is a more coordinated link lister. Popular for listing funny or interesting links around the internet. Some features include: easy template editing in one file. Users can leave feedback on each link. User system for submitting links and commenting. You can allow the users to upload an image to go with the link they've submitted, users can have their login info stored in a cookie so they don't have to type it in each time they submit, the admin can set a users account to "preferred submitter" so the links they submit are automatically approved, you can set a maximum width and height for uploaded images and a maximum image filesize, or turn this feature off in the admin panel. The admin has the option of requiring an active account to submit links and comment, or allowing anyone to submit links and comment. List a certain number of days on each page. Tracking how many times each link has been viewed and blocks multiple clicks to prevent false numbers on each link. Each link loads with your logo at the top of the page so the visitor may easily return to your site or close the window. Admin panel where you can edit and approve/disapprove links, edit or delete comments, edit or delete users. Easily edit each error message in the entire script from one file. A very simple installation process, all that is needed is to run an install file in your browser. Comes with a thorough readme file explaining how to do various things with the script. A simple layout is included and is fully editable.