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Weekly newsletter
Demo:: Admin demo, Webmaster area demo, these areas are not password protected for the demo.
Released: October 3rd, 2004
Price: $10
Size: 7.37kb
Description: This script allows you and/or other webmasters to put together a weekly (or whenever you want) newsletter. You simply add the webmasters to your database via the admin panel and put the subscription form (examples included) on your websites. Each webmaster can login to their own control panel and submit their new articles for the next newsletter and view past articles they've submitted. You can send an email out to all the subscribers, webmasters, or both at once. Each webmasters submitted article is automatically included in the form used to send out the newsletter, you can do any editing to the newsletter in the form (if needed) and then simply click the "Send mail" button to send it away. I've seen scripts just like this on sell for hundreds of dollars, what a joke that is. This is a great deal.